Mona Delfino

Morning Keynote

Author “The Sacred Language of the Human Body.”

As a Medical Intuitive, Vibrational Healer and Massage Therapist from Bend, OR,  Mona Delfino has been an exceptional body worker for over 20 years. Coming into this field of healing naturally, her passion and abilities as a healer became apparent at a very young age.

In addition to her teachings in Reiki, Polarity Therapy, Sound ( toning) and Crystal healing, Structural Therapy and many Indigenous Vibrational Medicines, Mona has had the unique experience of studying with her mentor of 12 years, Cherokee medicine
woman, Karen Land. Karen was known as “Double Eagle” in the Cherokee Tribe. She passed in 2005, with her knowledge still running through Mona.

Mona has spent time studying in Hawaii on the Big Island in Hilo to learn directly from Lomi Lomi masters and Kupuna to bring back the traditional Hawaiian healing that carries the knowledge that all healing comes from love.

Mona Delfino  will be available for book signings with her best selling and wonderful book,  ‘The Sacred Language of the Human Body’.

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Tony Burroughs

Author: The Code, The Law of Agreement, The Intenders Handbook, and more

The subject of Tony’s presentation deals with the what has mostly become known as “The Secret” but is also know as The Law of Agreement, The Law of Precipitation, The Law of Intending.  Get comfy for some amazing stories.  Tony will share first-hand stories (e.g. non-scientific evidence) shared with him from his more than 35,000 (and continually growing) active readers and community members participating in the Intenders of the Highest Good online community,  and “Get What You Want” on Amazon


Dr. Pat Dougherty

Session Title: Optimal Nutrition: Convincing the Body to Heal Itself

Dr. Dougherty will talk about optimal nutrition and how we can convince the body to heal itself from the perspective of ourselves and our environment as energy. We are in the middle of dynamic shifts in spirituality and science that are melding the two into one. This is the way of the universe as evidenced by numerous iconic symbols. These include Yin Yang, feminine masculine, dark into light, and the worm eating its tail. We are at the end of a dark era and have entered into a time of unprecedented possibility in our lifetime. These forces are driving the marriage of spirituality and science. Understand how universal intelligence can drive us toward greater levels of understanding, and expand our innate intelligence to enhance health on individual and global levels.

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Charles Lightwalker

The Future of Medical Intuition

What exactly is a Medical Intuitive and what can they do for you? Join Charles as he lifts the veil on the mystery of Medical Intuition in health care. The medical intuitive profession is rapidly gaining main stream recognition for it’s benefits in pain control and healing, scientifically documented and deservedly so. Don’t miss this session filled with many fascinating demonstrations.



Jan Longshore


“The Open Book”

Meet the Akashic Records.

Akasha is the Sanskrit word for “primary substance”. Every thought, deed, word or acquired information pertaining to each soul is believed to be contained in these records which is also referred to as the “Book of Life”.  Every individual no matter their spiritual background or current faith, has records.

Join us for this session and you can be an observer or a participant. The choice is yours!  During Jan’s lecture, you may choose to open your records so that information for your highest and greatest good can come forward.

That information may help you with current situations in all areas that may be holding you back from the prosperity, love, knowledge and happiness you want in your life. Jan will begin the process of teaching you how to access your own records so that your path becomes clearer through truly understanding your journey past, now and in the future.

Jan will clear your energy up to the 12th Divine Chakra Energy. She will review and then open the Akashic Records for audience questions and answers.

“These records are our Divine Report Cards and as we receive information from your Masters, Teachers, Angels and loved ones, we learn more about your Spiritual path and help empower you to move past limiting obstacles toward peace, a different career, financial freedom, health, success or that special partner you have been seeking.”

Rev. Jan “Truthsayer”Longshore… Specializing in the Akashic Records, 5th degree Reiki Master, Medicine Woman, Spiritual Leader, Channeler, Clairvoyant, Tarot, Animal Communicator, Shamanic Healer, Earth Steward, Medical Intuitive, D’Shea certified.




Shirley Scott

Happy Pets Equals Happy People!


We all know how much our pets contribute to our well-being by giving us unconditional love, lowering our blood pressure and easing our stress.  Shirley teaches us how to be more in tune with our 4 footed and feathered friends so we can pay back the favor!

Shirley is able to communicate with animals on their level, which allows her to communicate their feelings to their owners so they have a better understanding of the pets actions or moods.   Her animal clients communicate their pains and body concerns to Shirley and because she is an empath, many times she can feel where the pain is in the animal’s body.   Animals have important things to tell us and teach us. We need to be able to understand what they want or need to communicate to us.  During this informative session Shirley shares fascinating stories and will set you on the path to be able to create balanced communication between you and your pet.

For more information, see:  & Don’t miss the audio interview about the Body Soul Planet Conference & Expo



Juliet Sinisterra

Session Title – Building Resiliency: Participation & Conservation. 
When most people think of sustainability they think of green living, i.e. using less water, using less energy and not necessarily building a network of interdependence in their communities.  In this presentation, Juliet discusses the principles around the global Transition Town movement, its impacts on the modern urban homestead culture, how Transition works to build true resiliency, and why this is important for our future.

Juliet Sinisterra is a small business owner, published writer, and award-winning architect. Juliet has developed businesses for both for-profit and nonprofit sectors. Most recently she developed and opened Sun People Dry Goods Co., a local store that offers products and classes in living with greater ecological awareness. Since opening in 2010, Sun People has received numerous awards in the community ranging from Best New Business in The Inlander’s Readers Poll, to being named a finalist for Clean & Green Company of the Year by Catalyst Magazine. Sun People also received SMART recognition by the City and completed the SCORE assessment for green businesses. Sun People was published nationally by Sunset Magazine as an Editors Pick.

Juliet is the current President for Spokane’s Sustainable Business Network, a local chapter of the Business Alliance for Local Living Economies. In the past, she has served as the President for the Inland Chapter Northwest Ecobuilding Guild and was appointed in 2008 by the Mayor of Spokane to serve on the City of Spokane’s Sustainability Task Force. She is also co-owner of the award-winning, Go Green Directory, first published in 2005.

Juliet is passionate about sustainable development, the future economic well being of Spokane, and assisting others in leading less energy intensive lifestyles. The vision of Sun People Dry Goods Company comes out of her varied work and partnerships from throughout the community and her awareness of the need to move from a consumer to conserver economy.




Richard Walker, M.D.

Board Certified Internist, with a specialty in emergency medicine

Session Title:
Beyond Nutrition – Heal Thy Self

Harness your body’s cellular energy for healing, vitality, and longevity.
Richard Walker, M.D.  is a board certified physician in two specialties, Internal Medicine and Emergency Medicine. Additionally, he holds a master’s degree in Preventive Medicine and Environmental Health with a focus on Nutrition. Dr. Walker has been practicing medicine in Spokane for over 30 years. He will be speaking about the fastest growing area of health science called Redox Biochemistry, and a new scientific breakthrough product that is having profound effects in all areas of health and healing. (Please note, Richard Walker, M.D. is holding an Alpaca. They are lovable creatures. He is an Alpaca farmer with his wife Nancy. All are welcome to come and meet the Alpacas on Sept 28 at SuperSuris Alpacas, 16229 N. Day Mt. Spokane Rd., Mead, WA 99021)






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